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Scranton Pilates

Reformer Certification


Embark on a transformative journey in Pilates instruction with Scranton Pilates' Reformer Certification program. Designed for aspiring instructors seeking comprehensive expertise in Reformer Pilates, this self-paced online course encompasses 15 meticulously crafted lessons. Delve into the fundamentals, from mastering the intricacies of the Reformer machine to understanding essential safety protocols and alignment principles. Explore a spectrum of exercises, ranging from foundational to advanced levels, and learn how to tailor workouts to diverse client needs, ensuring inclusivity and efficacy. Each lesson is complemented by engaging video demonstrations, insightful written guides, and interactive quizzes that reinforce learning and skill mastery. Elevate your teaching prowess, gain a deep understanding of biomechanics, and unlock the art of designing dynamic and results-driven Reformer Pilates sessions. Upon successful completion, receive a prestigious certification from Scranton Pilates, empowering you to inspire and transform lives through the power of Pilates.



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