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Set Up and Movement:

Sit tall with legs extended, arms alongside torso with palms flat to the mat. Place left leg crossed on top of right leg.

Exhale as you slightly tuck chin, rolling back one vertebra at a time. Legs will simultaneously sweep up and over until they are parallel to the mat behind you.

Balancing on shoulder blades, switch legs to right leg on top, taking a deep inhale.

Exhale roll back, articulating through the spine until you are balanced on the sacrum, fingertips reaching to the toes.

Inhale continuing to balance on the sacrum, reach hands behind you, fingertips tapping to the mat.

Reaching arms back to toes, then exhaling lower legs to the mat.  Fold your trunk over thighs, sliding hands toward the feet.

Sit back tall to starting position…Repeat

Form Check:

Always remember to slightly tuck chin when rolling back onto the mat.  Balance on shoulder blades, not neck. Use control for both balancing positions.

Props and Modifications:

Rolling exercises should not be performed if spinal issues exist.

Prep for beginners with the Roll Over and Jackknife

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