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Set Up and Movement:

Sit with knees bent and ankles crossed, right over left.  Rock back, balancing on your sacrum keeping a C-curve throughout the spine. Wrap your arms around your thighs gripping the opposite foot, opposite hand.

Inhale rolling back to balance on the shoulder blades.

While balancing, switch feet crossing left ankle over right.

Exhale rolling back up, through the starting position and over onto the knees, gently resting the crown of head to the mat.

Inhale rolling back to starting position.  Repeat 3-5 times!

Form Check:

Roll back and balance on shoulder blades/thoracic spine, not the neck.  Keep a slight tuck in the chin, maintaining a full C curve in spine.

Props and Modifications:

Prep for beginners with Rolling Like a Ball or Seal.

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