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Double Leg Kick

Set Up and Movement:

Lie prone with legs extended and plantar flexed and hands clasped behind back, elbows bent. Head turned to the right resting on your cheek.

Inhale, extending the legs.

Exhale bending at the knees and kicking your heels to your glutes twice, with two percussive breaths.

Inhale; extend the legs away lifting chest and thighs off the mat, as you extend through the arms reaching toward feet.

Inhale; return to start with head face left. Repeat…

Form Check:

Dorsi Flex feet when kicking.  Gaze toward end of the mat when lifting, keeping a neutral cervical spine.

Props and Modifications:

If lumbar issues are present, caution putting back in extension.  Reduce the amount of extension by folding hands on each other and rested forehead on hands.

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