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Set Up and Movement: 

Lie supine with your knees bent to a tabletop position.  Curl your shoulders up off the mat, reaching your hands past your hips.  Extend your legs to a 60-degree angle.  Begin the breath while pumping your arms up and down.  Five short inhales through your nose, followed by five short exhales out of your mouth for ten counts.

Form Check: 

Lower back pressed into the Mat, Scooping the abdominal muscles. Keep your gaze to your navel.  Palms are prone to the mat. Feet in Plantar Flexion

Props and Modifications: 

For weaker core modification, keep legs bent at a table top position or feet flat to the floor.

 For weak cervical spine or injury, place a Pilates ball under the neck and head or keep head rested on the floor. 

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