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Kneeling Side Kick Series

Set Up and Movement:

Kneel at the center of mat. Lowering left hand to the floor, extend right leg out to hip height keeping a dorsi flex in foot. Place right hand behind head or extended to ceiling.

Inhale kicking the right leg forward; exhale draw right leg back, gently squeezing glute muscles.  10 Reps

Point toes to a plantar flex, drawing medium size circles, 10 forward and 10 back.  Keeping a rhythmic breath pattern throughout the series.

Repeat on other side.

Form Check:

Keep hand directly under shoulder on balancing arm.  Shoulders stay relaxed.  Keep a neutral spine throughout entire series.  Gaze straight ahead.

Props and Modifications:

Fold over mat for additional cushion on balancing knee.

Use a yoga block for balancing hand placement.

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