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Set Up and Movement:

Set up for Rolling Like a Ball

(Sit up on mat, balancing on the sacrum in C-curve position.  Hover feet off mat, gripping the bottom of shins or ankles.  Knees are pressing into elbows, elbows pressing into the knees. Chin slightly tucked, keeping a full curve all the way through the spine.)

Thread arms inside legs and around to the outside of ankles.

Inhale tucking chin slightly and roll back, balancing on shoulder blades.

Tap feet together 3 times

Exhale roll back to starting position balancing on sacrum.  Tap feet 3 times

Repeat 3-5 times.

Form Check:

Spinal articulation.  Balance on shoulder blades, not neck.

Props and Modifications:

For beginner, prep with Rolling Like a Ball.

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