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Side Kick Series

Set Up and Movement:

Begin lying on left side, with left arm bent to rest the head on.  Legs are straight and slightly forward at the bottom front corner of the mat.  Shoulders and hips are stacked, abs are scooped.

Lift the right leg hip lever as you inhale.  Exhale swing the leg forward to a 90-degree angle with a dorsi flexes.  Pulse twice. Point the toe and draw the leg back as you inhale.  Repeat 10-12 reps.

Repeat on opposite side.

Form Check:

Watch for shoulder and pelvis stability.  Keep neck in line with a neutral spine.

Props and Modifications:

Use a ball for a pillow.  Bend bottom leg to a 90-degree angle to help with pelvis stability.  Variations include circles, bicycles and pulses.

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