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Single Leg Kick

Set up and Movement:

Lie prone on the mat legs extended straight, elbows below your shoulders and forearms flat to the mat. Hands can be flat to the mat or fists. Chest slightly lifted off the mat with a neutral cervical spine and an extended thoracic spine.

Exhale, lengthening the right leg as you bend at the knee, kicking your heel toward your glute with a dosri flexion.  Kick twice using to percussive breaths.

Inhale as you straighten and lengthen the leg back to its starting position.  Repeat with left leg.. Repeat 3-5 times on each side.

Form Check:

Stay lifted in your shoulder girdle, while keeping the shoulders relaxed  (drop your shoulders in your back pockets) Lengthen through the hips and legs as you extend.  Follow the correct breath pattern.

Props and Modifications:

If lumbar issues are present, caution putting back in extension.  Reduce the amount of extension by folding hands on each other and rested forehead on hands.

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